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A lot more goes into car photography than just point and shoot. Whether your interest is the Motors themselves or photography as a whole we hope that these tips will help you on your way to taking better photos of cars.

1. Shoot at the right time of the day. This is often the biggest mistake people make when taking photographs of cars. The optimum time is just before sunrise or just after sunset. And by just, we mean literally a few minutes. Time is of the essence folks!

2. Reflections can ruin a great shot. Keep an eye out for whats going on behind you. A polished car, particularly brand new is like a mirror and will reflect anything, including you and your camera! This can then distort the lines and shapes of a beautiful car. If you can shoot in front of a field or clutter free background you can really focus in on the cars curves.

3. Most colours hate direct sunlight due to glare and reflection but there are some exceptions, take a look at this pale blue car shot in bright sunlight. We think it really works!

4. Plan ahead, location shots work so much better than parking lot shots. Make sure you choose a location that suits your theme and the style of your car. 

5. The rule of thirds, often mistaken as something only beginner photographers should use, I disagree. The rule of thirds is a quick way to ensure the composition of your shot is pleasing to the eye. Turn the grid on in your view finder and line the subject up along the lines or where the lines meet in the grid.

7. Use a tripod. You can pick them up fairly cheaply nowadays, and they're the perfect accessory to ensure you get a crisp shot or if you want to set the tripod up and use a remote control to shoot from a distance.


We hope that this has helped, and we would love to see any photographs that you have taken using our tips and tricks! You can email us or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you never know your photo might just be featured in our next post.



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