Just Roadster have been specialising in wind deflectors for many years and are renowned in the industry for selling custom made quality wind deflectors for convertibles and roadsters. Our family run business started when we bought our first BMW Z3, we wanted a good quality wind deflector but could not find a UK company that could supply us so we built our own!

Most customers that purchase a Roadster or Convertible don't realise until they start driving how important the wind deflector is, driving over 50 mph can be very unpleasant . A Just Roadster wind deflector will keep the wind off your neck but also will help keep you warm and even help you hear the radio or your passenger trying to talk to you!

We basically divide up the wind deflectors into two categories Mesh and Perspex.

Mesh and Perspex Wind Deflectors

As the title suggest we are talking of the material types, a Mesh wind deflectors comprises of a steel tube frame that supports a Mesh netting that is stretched tight over the surface of the frame making it lightweight and self supporting. This type of wind deflector normally clips into fixing points already provided by the cars manufacturer, also this type of wind deflector would normally fitted to 4 seater cars or cars without a fixed roll bar.

Mesh Wind Deflector and Fixing

The Perspex wind deflector is normally found on cars with only 2 seats a typical Roadster car, this type of wind deflector is held in place with a Black Velcro strap or a Clear Plastic strap that holds the wind deflector firmly in place. This is why we need the fixed roll bar, it holds the wind deflector giving it strength and rigidity. The advantage of the Perspex over the Mesh is we can offer a crystal clear finish or a tinted finish unlike the mesh that is only available in black.

Wind Deflector Strap Fixing

When looking on the website you will find that we only offer a Perspex or a Mesh not both options for the same car, if you cannot find what you are looking for in Perspex then try the Mesh of if you are not sure give us a call or message us and we will be happy to help. The most important thing is to purchase a wind deflector of some sort, this will make a good car a great car!

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