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Owning an in car camera isn't just about capturing video evidence of a minor traffic incident in your local supermarket car park. With their ever increasing popularity they're quickly becoming a motorists must have gadget. From insurance fraud to rare footage of unexpected events we have rounded up 4 reasons why having a dash cam could just be the best decision you have made this year.

Driving Accidents

Getting into a serious road collision has to be one of the worst experiences imaginable, but if no one gets seriously injured then the disagreements soon start. Often with who is to blame and who should foot the cost. This isn't ideal for any driver, especially if you're up against the motoring version of Pinocchio. Installing an in car camera will prevent any roadside headaches by showing exactly what happened and who was to blame. 

Insurance Fraud

Catching insurance fraud on camera could mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful claim. Believe it or not some people will go to any length to try and get a pay out from Insurance companies, at your expense. Walking out in front of cars, bikes and even lorries claiming they have been run over or knocked down. In this incredible video you can see what these people really think they can get away with, they must be crazy.

Making memories

Documenting your road trip through the use of a dash cam could be one of the best ways to remember the places you have visited and the beautiful scenery. Road trips have to be one of the most exciting ways to holiday, you're always bound to end up doing something or heading somewhere you hadn't planned for. When you get home, edit the footage into a short film for you and family to look back on for years to come.

Capturing unexpected events

If the above reasons still haven't persuaded you to part with your cash, this last reason might just do it. Imagine being a part of world history just as thousands of Car Cam users found out when a Meteor flew through the skies of Russia. You never know you could be the next person to capture once of the earths rarest events.

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