Perspex wind deflectors are made from a durable plastic, easy to maintain, clarity is excellent and fits in minutes. Available for a range of roadster cars.


At last a solution to wind turbulence and noise. Available for BMW Z3, BMW Z4, Mercedes SLK R170 and SLK R171, Mazda MX5, Porsche Boxster and more. The Wind Deflector is made from a durable Perspex complimenting the car and looking like a production component. Designed to last for years and providing clear visibility from the rear. Easy to fit in just minutes, no drilling or gluing involved.

The Perspex Wind Deflectors are available in a range of options to suit your individual requirements. The Perspex is available in a Clear or Tinted finish, choose the clear finish for crystal clear visibiltiy or Tinted if you want your Wind Deflector to have the same appearance side windows of your car. We also offer two edging options, the most popular Polished edge or Rubber edge. (Rubber edge is now a special order)

Enjoy a quieter, wind free and more comfortable driving experience.
The Just Roadster Perspex Wind Deflector is designed to compliment the flowing curves of the bodywork which makes this product stand out from others. The Perspex is many times stronger than glass and will give you years of good service. It fits snugly in place, no rattles or vibrations. Leave in place all year round if desired, with the roof up or down. Just fit and forget!

When it comes to fitting the product you will be delighted in its simplicity. In just a few moments you will be up and running, no holes to drill or damage to your pride and joy. The strong straps have been designed to hold the Wind Deflector securely in position at any speed. We use two different types of fixing strap depending on your car, a Clear strap for Chrome or Coloured interiors and Black straps for Black interiors, both simple to fix in place. Full instructions and photographs are supplied.

Wind Deflector Strap Fixing

Maintenance is very simple only an occasional wipe over with a damp cloth will be required to keep this wonderful addition looking great all year round.

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