Luggage Racks are a practical way to acquire valuable extra luggage space.

We are offering a high quality stainless steel luggage rack that is easy to fit, won’t scratch your paintwork and will outlast the car itself. As well as being a practical asset they are a very stylish and often interesting talking point from many an admirer. 
The luggage rack is designed in such a unique way, it follows the contours of the boot perfectly. In addition the stainless steel securing straps have a special rubber inlay that prevents the steel straps from marking the paintwork on your pride and joy. 

Luggage Rack

Each boot rack has provision for securing straps to hold the luggage on to the rack, this system can comfortably hold a luggage weight of up to 15 Kg, giving you that valuable extra carrying capacity that most soft-top cars are lacking.

Luggage Rack fixing

Each rack and its components have been polished to give a mirror like finish to please every petrol head or enthusiast alike. 

Full fitting instructions and helpful tips are included.

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