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Ok so you think you want a wind deflector, they normally come in two types as a rule. One being the type that fits over the door windows, great for keeping the wind and rain out but we are not going to talk about that type.  

We are going to discuss the other type that fits into open top cars,(convertibles and roadsters). This version of wind deflector is a little more complicated and is divided into two categories, Mesh and Perspex . This type of wind deflector is designed to fit behind the heads of the driver and passenger, they can also be found on some cars behind the rear passengers heads but are few and far between.

Mesh Wind Deflector
Above is a Mesh Wind Deflector
Perspex wind deflector
Above is a Perspex Wind Deflector

The object of the wind deflector is to help prevent the wind from buffeting the occupants of the car. You may think because you are sitting behind the windscreen any wind will simply flow over your head, this is a misconception.... it won't. In almost every open top car with the roof down you will get buffeting especially if you go over 50 mph, try to do the legal limit and you will feel like your head is being ripped off. If you're a person who loves long hair you might want to purchase a hat as your hair will be in your face most of the time, frustrating and dangerous to say the least.
hair blowing in sportscar
A Wind Deflector prevents wind blow hair as well as road noise

Add some wind chill and you will be putting that roof up within a few minutes and asking yourself "why did I purchase a convertible in the first place!" The reason you feel all that air blowing around is a scientific one, without getting to technical the shape of the windscreen is a bit like an aircraft wing causing negative pressure which in turn makes the wind turn back on itself hence you feel the draft.

 So you want to make the driving experience a little better, OK let's look at the options.  Depending on what car you drive be it a roadster or convertible, "I was thinking they are both convertible" I hear you say,  yes I guess they are but a 2 seater sports car is normally called a Roadster and a four seater car would be a's amazing what you can pick up by reading a blog! Going back to depending on what car you drive be it a roadster or convertible in the case of the 4 seater convertible you really only have one choice and that would be a Mesh type wind deflector. In a 4 seater convertible you need to keep the wind from entering the front cabin but also through the rear seats and into the front cabin, in this configuration we typically call the wind deflector a double frame unit as you have a vertical frame behind the driver/passenger and a horizontal frame over the rear seat.  Another feature of the double frame unit is the ability to fold down flat the vertical frame when not in use, this is normally the case when the roof is up and or driving at night so you have maximum visibility trough the rear view mirror.

double framed mesh wind deflector
Example of a double framed Wind Deflector, folds flat when not in use

With most double frame wind deflectors you have a quick release mechanism designed to help you remove the wind deflector quickly and easily. The use of pins and locking bolts are common place in this type of wind deflector.  If you look at your car you will find the fixing holes in the rear of the car just behind the front seats and sometimes just in front the rear seats, this will differ from car to car. Ok so we have a good idea of what a double frame wind deflector is all about but I better mention what actually stops the wind! The frames are edged with a leather finish and then a black mesh material is sewn into the leather but at the same time pulled tight across the frame. Being black and with small holes in this allows you to see through the material which is essential when driving and also forms a good barrier from the wind.

how to fit a wind deflector to convertible
Most modern convertibles have fixing points already installed making our wind deflectors easy to fit

"I drive a roadster " ok ok we are getting to the roadsters next.
In this case we have two options. The mesh wind deflector which is very similar to a double frame and the Perspex wind deflector.  In the case of the mesh wind deflector you only have a vertical single frame, made in the same way with a steel frame, leather edged and mesh fabric stretched over the face. At this point the similarity ends no horizontal frame, no quick release fixings and no fold down facility. The reason for this is most Roadster cars that we fit wind deflectors to have a fixed roll bar, this is ideal for securing the wind deflector to. Typical cars being BMW Z3, Z4, Mercedes SLK and Porsche Boxster just to mention a few have this type of roll bar. Fixing of the wind deflector is done in a variety of ways but mainly with a strong Velcro Strap. This method is tried and tested and we have been doing this for many years, the great advantage of this way of securing is that you don't need to drill any holes into your pride and joy, fixing normally only takes a matter of a few minutes to complete if that. Removal should you wish to do so is just as simple giving you the flexibility of  with or without wind deflector use, much in the same way as the double frame gives you.

Single Frame wind deflector
Here we have a single frame Wind Deflector, held in place with straps fitted to the roll bars

This brings me onto the Perspex wind deflector. Only fitted to roadsters and roadsters with fixed roll bars, the Perspex wind deflector is a much simpler design to that of the mesh counterpart. The wind deflector has no frame and of course no stretched fabric.  Having no frame is much easier to manufacture so as a result is cheaper to purchase, happy days for our customers.  Our designs are always made from a high quality Perspex of 5mm thick, CNC machined for millimetre accuracy and all edges polished for a quality feel and look. The big advantage over the mesh is you can have a crystal clear view, we construct our Perspex wind deflectors in both clear and subtle tint, this in turn means you don't need to remove the wind deflector from the car ever! Most customers will leave the wind deflector fitted all year round so it's just a matter of dropping the hood and away you go....nice and simple and fully protected from the drafts.

Tinted perspex wind deflector
This is a Tinted Perspex Wind Deflector, we always use clear straps when fitting to chrome roll bars

As part of the design we incorporate machined slots in the face of the Perspex the function of the slots is to permit the use of strong Velcro straps that wrap around the roll bar of the car and around the wind deflector resulting on a very strong union between the wind deflector and the car. Over the last last few years we have seen a change from black roll bars fitted to cars to a more modern silver finish roll bar. When fitting a Perspex wind deflector to a black roll bar we use a black Velcro and when fixing to a car fitted with silver roll bars we try to use our clear straps so the appearance of fixing straps is reduced giving a cleaner look.

Clear Perspex Wind Deflector, with black Velcro straps fitted to a standard black roll bar 
Above is a Clear Perspex Wind Deflector, fitted with black Velcro straps

I hope this has enlightened you into the world of wind deflectors but of course you have email us at or give us a call on 01427 671441 but before you do, have a look at our dedicated website you might get your answers from here. Don't forget we are the biggest UK manufacturer and supplier of wind deflectors  and one of the biggest worldwide so we know a thing or two about wind deflectors!




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